I live in Sacramento with my wife and our dog Toby.

I’m a Rails developer at StreamSend. It’s a great place to work; we do Rails, Javascript, and Scala. We do TDD. We’re usually hiring. Contact us if you’re interested!

I’ve got various noodlings on github.

I’ve got photos on Flickr.

I’ve got some chronic pain, which appears to be a combination of arthritis and maybe some neural system thing. So in order to keep working with computers, I had to make my own keyboard. It was a hugely fun project; I came up with the idea, designed the keyboard and its electronics, and wrote the firmware. Along the way I built a CNC router and used a 3D printer to make parts.

The blog on this site is pretty personal.

I’ll have tech posts, but for the moment (September 2015), I’m exploring shaving, and using the blog to keep notes. I might go back and summarize those, but they’re mostly for me, and will be a bit terse.